2021 is a Year of OVERFLOW.

2021 is a Year of OVERFLOW.

This is a year of OVERFLOW.

A time of overflow of fulfilled promises that have been unrealized. The things that belong to us are coming and more. Overflow in the goodness of God in the midst of a time of all times, His own people will move in overflow. Every need met and lots to share.

A time of overflow of joy when our children come back to Jesus. Waking up like the prodigal son, longing for acceptance and forgiveness. An unprecedented time of their awakening, where the rebellion, addictions and waywardness will leave and healing comes.

Overflow of wealth that has been laid up for the righteous, released from the wicked.

Overflow of favor in every walk of life. The glory that covers us will be the attraction for favor. The sweet fragrance of His love will draw everyone around us to this great salvation.

Our places of worship will overflow with people seeking the Savior. Our pews will no longer me empty and worship will be alive. Worship will overflow to the streets and the fields as the need for evangelism will push us out.

Overflow in the abundance of power and signs and wonders in the kingdom of God. For it will not only be the fivefold ministers moving in the gifts of God but every sold out saint will see the glory of the Lord.


Janis Peters