Glory Cloud Encounter

Glory Cloud Encounter

A couple of weeks ago, I left my home to take a late afternoon walk. I have a nice sidewalk area to walk around my immediate neighborhood and it is great. I set my phone to some music, put my earbuds in and stepped out into another realm. It was amazing. I love to walk and worship, pray and declare. I pray for my neighborhood and bless the homes. It is a routine thing I do, it’s like my prayer closet when I am out there.

This time was different in terms of walking in the spirit with signs following. I could see I was in a Glory cloud and as I walked about 2 blocks from my home, I knew why.

Directly in front of me a block away came a sweet couple who enjoy the early evening too. In their 40’s I suspect, a man pushing his wife in a wheelchair. She has no legs because they have been amputated above the knee. I knew I was on a head on course to minister. I was saying “Yes Lord.”

The Glory Cloud lingered and we were set apart. As I reached out my hand to shake the man’s hand, I said “Hi, my name is Janis and I am a neighbor.” They both smiled and acknowledged they knew. She said her name was Tabitha as I shook her hand. I asked if I could pray for her and she acted like nothing was wrong with her. But as I looked at her she just started saying what she had gone through. She had been in the hospital for 4 months fighting some sort of virus in her heart. All her organs had shut down and she almost died. It was a miracle she had overcome the virus. It had taken a toll on her with the loss of her legs. As I looked at her hands her fingertips were black and no doubt next on the list to be removed, she was amazing. She had her prosthetic legs on, her hair was thinning, her eyes were wide open and set on me. So, I blessed her, cursed the trauma and disease. I spoke life into her, quoted scripture and spoke destiny into her. Both of them received life, healing and hope. Their lives will never be the same.

It is such a privilege to pray for people outside of the church service. The marketplace, the city streets, the neighborhood, people are there too. Ask the Lord to help you hear their cries, see their need, and draw you into ministry. It doesn’t have to be a long encounter. Sometimes it is enough to say “Be healed in Jesus name.” Then trust the Holy Spirit to continue His work in their lives.